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>>    I'm doing my Dissertation this year on Homosexuality and the Church, and
>>    a major part of the Biblical argument centres around the translations of
>>    the two words arsenokoites and malakos and 1Cor 6:9 and 1Tim 1:10 ...
>>    Does anyone know any good references on this question, or have any thoughts
>>    on what these terms would have meant to Paul ?
>> "A major part of the Biblical argument".  Does that mean that you
>> already have an argument in place, and you are seeking references that
>> will support you?  That doesn't sound like research to me.
>> 	-mib

No ... I never said that ....

There is very little direct biblical reference to homosexuality.  A major
component of the arguments on both sides is over the interpretation of these
two words - thus my research into them  :)

The `traditional` translations of these as referring to 'homosexuals' in 
general has come under a lot of fire, but at the minute I haven't many 
references to detailed discussion of them.


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