arsenokoites and malakos

>I'm doing my Dissertation this year on Homosexuality and the Church, and
>a major part of the Biblical argument centres around the translations of
>the two words arsenokoites and malakos and 1Cor 6:9 and 1Tim 1:10 ...
>Does anyone know any good references on this question, or have any thoughts
>on what these terms would have meant to Paul ?
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 My understanding they would either mean homosexual or male cult 
prostitute.  One question raised is that Jesus made no reference to 
homosexuality in the Gospels.  That probably was the Jewish culture and if 
one was homosexual, it would not be wise to let it known.
Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles and he would have encountered 
homosexuality in the Greek culture and male shrine prostitutes as part of 
the pagan religions - usually young males from what I understand.
>From Bauer Arndt &  Gingrich
Arsenekoites - a male who practices homosexuality, pederast,sodomite. p. 109
Malakos- def 2 effeminate men or boys who allow themselves to be misused 
homosexually p.488
There are other uses in classical Greek in other texts that would give you 
perspective.  It seems to me in typical Geek style there is two words where 
we have one: one for the recipient of the action and the other for the 
Ralph Hubbard