No doubt you are aware of D. F. Wright's writings on the subject:  e.g.,
"Homosexuals or Prostitutes? The Meaning of _arsenokotai_ (1 Cor 6:9; 1
Tim 1:10)," *VChr* 38 (1984): 125-153.  Wright is working on a book on
this topic, I understand.  Also see his "Homosexuality in the Early
Church," in *Sexuality and the Church*, ed. Tony Higton (1987).  Gordon
Wenham also briefly comments on _malakos_ and _arsenokotai_ in his article
"Homosexuality in the Bible" in the same work.  David F. Greenberg reviews
the discussion in his massive history of homosexuality *The Construction
of Homosexuality* (1988), 210ff.  Ronald Springett discusses the issue in
his book *Homosexuality in History and the Scriptures* (1988), 133-137. 

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