TLG CD ROM exchange

TLG CD ROM version D has been available to TLG licensees for some time in
exchange for TLG CD ROM C.  To date, only about 600 licensees have availed
themselves of the new disk.  Anyone wishing to obtain the most recent disk
version should feel free to return the older disk to us--we usually manage
to mail out the replacement within 24 hours.  There is, of course, no
charge to individuals and institutions whose licenses are current.

Reminder, however:  use of TLG CD ROM D requires the use of upgraded
software.  Before returning your C disk to us in exchange for a D version,
please contact your software source(s) to make sure that you have
appropriate software in hand.
The C disk contained approximately 42 million words of text; the D disk
contains roughly 57 million words.  It also contains a number of new
indices which (with the proper software) may prove useful to TLG users.
Ted Brunner

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