Lists now up to date

The mailing lists: HL7, OT-HEBREW, NT-GREEK, and BIBLE have
not been receiving the changes to the list I have been sending them
since the new year (Jan 31 was the last change). Due to the persistance
of queries why subscribers were not receiving anything and others were
not being removed I have discovered the problem and correct the lists.

All the changes were being made in one file, but not in the official
file.  I appologize for the inconvience, and i am glad to report the
problem has been solved, and no requests lost.

Thanks, List manager,

David John Marotta, Medical Center Computing, Stacey Hall
Univ of Virginia (804) 982-3718 wrk INTERNET: djm5g@virginia.edu
Box 512 Med Cntr (804) 924-5261 msg   BITNET: djm5g@virginia
C'ville VA 22908 (804) 296-7209 fax   IBM US: usuvarg8