Re: Greek Typefaces for Macintosh

If you get an answer or reply to your question I would be 
grateful if you could send this info to me as well.


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On Thu, 10 Feb 1994, Tom Blake wrote:

> Hi Folks,
>     First off, I have a user who is writing some using among other
> lanuages Hebrew and Greek.  He has a very old copy of Linguists
> Software LaserGreek which doesn't work all that well.  (When using
> fractional spacing, the spacing doesn't work right, and nicely
> justified text just isn't any more.)
>     Can anyone point me to an acceptable NT Greek font for the
> Macintosh?  (Especially PD, Freeware or ShareWare, having once
> invested $100 in LaserGreek, he's hesitant to spend more.)
> -- 
> 					Tom Blake
> 					Binghamton University