Re: Greek Typefaces for Macintosh

>Hi Folks,
>    First off, I have a user who is writing some using among other
>lanuages Hebrew and Greek.  He has a very old copy of Linguists
>Software LaserGreek which doesn't work all that well.  (When using
>fractional spacing, the spacing doesn't work right, and nicely
>justified text just isn't any more.)
>    Can anyone point me to an acceptable NT Greek font for the
>Macintosh?  (Especially PD, Freeware or ShareWare, having once
>invested $100 in LaserGreek, he's hesitant to spend more.)
>                                        Tom Blake
>                                        Binghamton University

Dear Mr. Blake

I use a Greek font called Alexandria.  It comes with MacBible when you
order their Greek New Testament for the Mac.  And get this, the whole
program, font and all only costs about $100.00.  The same price your friend
paid for just one font.

Well, if you are using Eudora for the Mac to handle your E-mail, I could
probably compact the font and send it to over the internet for trial
purposes only.  You would, of course, have to buy the font, or the program
to be legal.  

Let me know how things work out.

Kevin Cauley