Baptismal Seal

I already posted this to Liturgy and ELENCHUS, but thought it would also be
pertinent to NT-Greek since it has to do with Greek renderings of the name
of Jesus. I am in search of evidence of the name of Jesus expressed by an
iota superimposed on an eta (both upper case) either in written texts (NT
or liturgical) or in art (particularly depictions of baptismal themes). Any
pointers would be appreciated...
Jean Danielou writes in _The Theology of Jewish Christianity_ (1964), p. 155:

"It may seem strange that, when the formula is one of baptism in the 'Name
of Jesus', it should have been the sign "X" and not the sign "I" or "IH"
which was marked on the forehead; for there is no trace of the _signatio_
with the latter."

Is there STILL no trace of a _signatio_ using I (iota) H (eta)??

I would greatly appreciate any info on research, discoveries, etc. on this


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