Re: Cluttering up the List


On Thu, 3 Mar 1994, Edward Hobbs wrote:

> Ralph Hubbard, self-righteously complaining about those objecting to
> non-NT-Greek matters, tells us not to put messages saying that on the
> List.  But he not only sent HIS message to the entire List, he sent me
> two copies of his message to boot!
> 	Writing to the offender does not work.  It doesn't work with junk
> mail either in the PostOffice nor with LISTs.  Which is why I suggested
> that our generous Founder, Marotta, might help.  It works on other Lists.
> 	Would Hubbard now like to send three more messages protesting
> this one?
HUBBARD==Look HOBBS my little paidion.  That was one arrogant outburst. 
It would be a little helpful since you are the god of the internet if you
would change your tone for those who are not as annointed  as you.  My
philh you made this personal by calling me self-righteous.  That's pretty
easy to do sitting up there behind your PC but would you do this mano
mano. Let's see
This is the umpteenth note we've wasted on this topic.  Sometimes on this
listserv I don't get a note for weeks so I didn't see the big deal.  On a
listserv that dumps 60 messages a day, it would be a big deal.  Anyway the
problem is easily resolved by use of what God has provided in the <delete>
key which I will use liberally when seeing the name HOBSS in my mailbox.
Since this is a greek listserv when have you used greek?  I do apologize
for sending you 2 notes.  Next time I will not be so careless: you get none.
Good Day