Introductory Greek texts

Philip Graber writes:
> I'm teaching first-year Greek (two semesters) to seminary students next
> year.  In conversations with various persons who have taught Greek, I have
> heard negative reviews of about a dozen textbooks.  One person told me
> that Machen is still the best we have.  Does anyone have advice, or,
> better yet, a good recommendation for an Introduction to New Testament
> Greek textbook?

I, too, am fond of Machen and find it very "teachable".  Unfortunately
the cost of this book is now exhorbitant, and the last time I checked
Prentiss Hall informed me it is now out of print (although still
available from places like CBD who still have stock).

This January I helped with an intensive Greek course using Gignac's
grammar.  Gignac has many advantages, including greater linguistic
accuracy than Machen and low cost.  Unfortunately I find its technical
language inaccessible for many non-specialists--it requires a lot of
introduction and supplementation.

I, too, am now looking for a better text.  If anybody has any
recommendations please share them.

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