NT Greek

I, too, use the Walther NT Greek Intro.  It provides students with an inductive
approach to NT Greek, reading through the entire Gospel of John in one year.
My experience has been that students who have done no Greek at all are those
who do best, and they do very well indeed.  On the basis of the Progress Checks
in the workbook, a pop quiz every week, mid terms and final exams, my students
were divided into the majority in the A range, a couple in the middle and some
who failed or did really poorly.  (Students who had already done Greek --
usually by the deductive method -- found that the inductive method was just too
"loose" for them.  I feel, though, that the fact that these students could
hold their own, while the students who had never done well in languages really

I would add though that the students who used the workbook in conjunction with
John Hurd's computerised Greek Tutor and George Kong's Memcards, both of which
John has developed to be used with the Walther book, were those who consistent-
ly gained and retained vocabulary, syntactical information, and a greater
interest in doing more in other passages of the NT.  And because Hurd is
continually upgrading the Tutor, I think that this is a very promising
approach for learning NT Greek; I have used it with great profit for 6 years.

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