Re: John 16:13,14

After reading the passages referred to by Christian von Dehsen, I 
must agree with him, and thus withdraw my suggestion.  It seems clear 
that in the broader context <GK>ekeinos<gk> "that one" does refer 
specifically to <GK>ho parakletos<gk> and the use in 16:8 establishes 
this for vv. 13 and 14.  Thank you Christian!

> In response to Glenn Wooden's argument that ekeinos ("that one") in John 
> 16:13&14 refers to pneuma, I would suggest that its actual referent is the 
> masculine ho parakletos in 16:7 (cf. ekeinos in 16:8).  Ekeinos also refers to
> ho parakletos in 14:26 and 15:26.  In John 16:13,14, therefore, John is not 
> using a masculine form to refer to a neuter noun; he is using a masculine for 
> to distinguish the parakletos from the pneuma.
> Christian D. von Dehsen
> Carthage College
> cdvd@cns.carthage.edu

 Glenn Wooden
Acadia Divinity College
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada