Pronouns article

Folks, I have received numerous requests for my essay on pronouns, "The
Pronouns of Deity," that was published in the Scottish Journal of Theology
46/3 (1993).  I apologize that I am not able to either email you or send
you a copy.  I am now able, however, to send you a copy of a short article
that Don Hook and I wrote titled "Is God a `He'?" that was just published
in *Worship* 68 (March 1994): 145-157.  It's about a third of the length
of the SJT piece but touches on the same material.  I would be happy to
email you a copy (minus footnotes, italics, underlining, etc., which did
not survive the conversion to ascii format).  Send your request directly
to me.

Al Kimel 

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