Re: New Testament word count?

On Thu, 17 Mar 1994 Donald.Harrison.Jr@um.cc.umich.edu wrote:

> As a small part of my program Bible Windows, you get a list of the  
> words spoken by every speaker in the Gospels and Acts (Chapter, Verse  
> and word numbers). Here are the totals for Jesus  
> 	Mt	8285  
> 	Mk	3566  
> 	Lk	6177  
> 	Jn	6574  
> 	Acts	72  
> I also think there is a quote in Corinthians attributed to Jesus (?). Also  
> I'm trying to figure out how many words are attributed to Jesus in  
> Revelation. I also want the full count on all the words in the NT (Greek). 
> or the King James version. I am not looking for exactitude just an 
> aproximation  
> Can anyone help me with this....thanks 

Re.: the Greek NT:  lots and lots.

Re.: the KJV:  even more!   :-)

A blessed Easter season to all!

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