Re: NA27

It all depends on whether one has the UBS3 or UBS3 (corrected 
edition)!  I discovered that the UBS had come out with a different 
"edition" when I pointed out to a student that s/he had missed a 
comma and that was the source of a problem in translation.  In 
His/her "edition" of UBS3 there _was_ a comma and the added words 
"(corrected edition)" on the title page.  The corrections bring UBS3 
into agreement with NAS26.

Glenn Wooden
Acadia Divinity College
Wolfville, N.S.

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> When saying that the text is the same, does ths mean that the
> punctuation is unchanged please?  The text of NA26=UBS3 but the punctuation
> of these otherwise "same" texts is not the same.
> David M.
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