P 46 et al.

This question is a salutary reminder that the apparatus of any handbook edition 
cannot offer all variants.  I am glad to hear that NA27 has a new list of the 
readings of its "constant witnesses" (which should include P46), since it is 
difficult at times to figure them out in the NA26 system.  In my understanding 
readings (or at least unique readings) resulting from error (or at least 
"obvious" scribal error) are not necessarily mentioned by the NA system.  These 
omissions would include misspellings.  The best thing to do, which however 
requires a large library, has been to inspect the separate publications of the 
various papyrus discoveries, when these exist, though this (or asking for 
microfilm copies) is a lot of work if the question is incidental to our main 
point.  Perhaps K. Aland's Das Neue Testament auf Papyrus will fill this need, 
*if* it includes all variants, not just "significant" ones.  

BTW on P46 the place to look is Frederic G. Kenyon, The Chester Beatty Biblical 
Papyri:  Descriptions and Texts of Twelve Manuscripts on Papyrus of the Greek 
Bible.  Fasciculus III Supplement:  Pauline Epistles.  2 vols. (Text and 
Plates).  London:  Emery Walker Ltd., 1936-1937.

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