Call for Contributions

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 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<             A CALL FOR HELP              >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
               in contributing to a doctoral student's research:
Investigating understandings of Philippians 2.5-11 within the world's religions

    LONG-TIME reader/first-time contributor with background in anthropology,
comparative culture, sociology,theology and world religions is in preliminary
stages of researching the roles of this early church hymn concerning the
world's living religions as part of dissertation writing.
    WOULD greatly appreciate any discussions/contributions towards a better
understanding of this very difficult text, especially of the Greek word
"kenosis" and its meaning in the context of today's spiritual traditions. 
Thankful for your gift of any reflections, opinions, journal articles, books,
archived files, directions and/or related information during this struggle for
answers and insights within this critical area.
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  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<        stuharmeldn@crf.cuis.edu         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>