Re: Criteria

"Filel" asks that textual decisions be made according to historical
and scientific criteria and not from theology.  I have wrestled
with this kind of aspiration, for I am at a loss to know what kind
of methodology exists which is free from philosophical, epistomo-
logical and cultural presuppositions which are, as I understand
things, expressions of fundamental beliefs about the nature of 
things.  I have lived where seers, reading the intestines of slain
animals, make astonishing predictions, find lost possessions, fore-
tell the arrival of foreign travels, expose the secrets and dreams
of strangers.  Experience, not western linear categorizations, 
tells me that there is a spirit world; although I have no clue to
whether it is in the material, one with the material or merely
passing through.  (I cite the extreme to make a point.)  Perhaps
all I want to say is that a purely reationalistic methodology may
be neither possible nor completely adequate.

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