CRITEXT Program FTP Site


Re:  Christian Research Institute's CRI TEXT Available

I am pleased to announce that we have located earlier problems that
made the CRITEXT program unusable, and we have re-opened the FTP
site for your use.

We wish to thank everyone for your patience as the problem was fixed,
and new files were put in place.  Also we are especially grateful to Steve
Goodrich, Rich Poll, and Martin Bush for their labors in diagnosing the
problems, and support in making this very important program available Internet-wide.

The CRITEXT Program is available by anonymous FTP at ICLnet's
domain name address:  iclnet93.iclnet.org.  Locate these files in the
directory:  /pub/resources/software/msdos/critext.

A few reminders:

The program files (those with ".exe", ".zip", and ".arc" filename exten-
tions) should be downloaded with your FTP program set for transferring
in the binary mode, while text files should be downloaded with your FTP program set for text.  

This is a self-extracting program that is unpacked by running crit25.exe.  Detailed instructions are provided in the directory.  

CRITEXT is a fairly large set of files, so we advise that you download
them during off-peak hours (RMT), as with any other FTP site.

May the Lord bless you in your work to honor Him. 

Gary Bogart/ John Brubaker <njb@iclnet93.iclnet.org>
for:  Steve Goodrich, Programmer, Quaterdeck
        Rich Poll, System Administrator, Christian Research Institute
        Martin Bush, System Administrator, ICLnet