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In June 1993 I circulated an e-mail questionnaire asking for details of
software packages used in theology/religious studies departments.  As a
result of the information provided from this questionnaire and a variety
of other sources, I am now in a position to announce a preliminary version of
_Software for Theologians: A Selection_

The Selection is available from either the University of Durham gopher on
which individual sections of the document are mounted or via email from the
Mailbase server.

On gopher the Selection may be found in the directory "Computers and
Theology" on the host delphi.dur.ac.uk  This directory also contains the
following sub-directories:

      1.  A Guide to Computing in the Department of Theology/
      2.  E-Mail Discussion Groups for Theologians/
 -->  3.  Software for Theologians: A Selection [In Progress]/
      4.  Liturgical Texts on the Internet/
      5.  On-Line Biblical Texts (CCAT)/
      6.  Many Diverse On-Line Religious Texts (Internet WireTap)/
      7.  Example of On-Line Text: Veritatis Splendor/

The bookmark details are as follows:

Name=Theology and Computers

URL: gopher://delphi.dur.ac.uk:70/11/Academic/P-T/Theology/Computing

Within the directory of software may also be found a small archive of
freeware/shareware software noted in the Selection.

To retrieve the Selection via e-mail send the following command to

        send religion-all software.txt

If you encounter any problems, or wish to make any comments or suggestions
please drop me a line.

  Michael Fraser                             E-mail: m.a.fraser@durham.ac.uk
  Department of Theology                        Fax: +44 91 374 4744
  University of Durham
  Durham DH1 3RS                                       Traa dy liooar
  United Kingdom                                  Soie sheese as gow aash.