>Daniel Hedrick asked about the common divine Names from the
>Hebrew and Greek Bibles in relation to the doctrine of Trinity.

Dr. Galen Currah was correct when he stated:

>...the usage of the divine names and attributes as
>clearly applied to Jesus of Nazareth in the Christian
>Greek Scriptures.

There is so much documentation that can support the above premise, may I save
myself a lot of time by deferring to an in-depth work entitled:

The Trinity, by Edward Henry Bickersteth

The book compiles hundreds of verses, many showing the Greek behind our
translations, which proves the premise as stated by Dr. Currah. The book is by
Kregel Publications, and can probably be special ordered through most Christian
bookstores. If you can not find a copy, e-mail me; I'll make sure that you will
be able to procure one.

Robert J. Mondore