Everyone on the lists was automatically transfered to the server

Everyone on the old lists was automatically transfered to the new lists.
No action was required on your part.  HOWEVER, one change is in place.
If messages to you from the list are bounced because of errors (network
problems, full mailboxes) you will be removed from the list. I usually
try to send out a message to you saying that you are being removed, but
this message usually bounces as well.  So if you experience network
problems and you want to know if you are still on the list you can
check your subscription in any of the following ways:

Send a message to majordomo@virginia.edu

WHO <listname>                     To get a list of everyone

WHICH <address>                    To see which lists you are on
WHICH                              defaults to your address

END                                Be sure to end your commands with this


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