Bible software summary

Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiry concerning BibleWorks,
BibleWindows, Logos, and acCordance Bible software.  Below is briefly
some of the information sent to me directly and not to the list.

I heard from several enthusiastic BibleWindows users.  I also received
a plug for BibleWord Plus which is a DOS program compatible with
ChiWriter and GRAMCORD.  As far as comparing the three Windows applications
I asked about, Logos has the nicest interface but the least flexible
grammar search (although their tense/voice/mood module may improve this),
BibleWorks is the most powerful but most difficult to use, and BibleWindows
is easy to use and has nice search features.

Two suggested references were:

  "High-Tech Bible Study: PC Bible Programs with a graphic Usewr
  Interface" Computer-Assisted Research Forum 1, no. 3(Spring/Summer
  1993): 7-16.

  "PC Bible-Search Software for Scholarly Research", ARC, Journal of
  Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University 22 (Sping 1994), in press.

My decision will almost surely be to go with acCordance for mac.
Anyone I've spoken with who has used it or GRAMCORD (the DOS version)
agrees that it has the most powerful and flexible grammar searching
features among pc or mac programs.  It even allows statistical
analysis of search results.  acCordance doesn't yet integrate as many
extras as some of the other programs (such as extensive resources on
CD-ROMS) but what it sets out to do (analysis of Greek grammar and
usage) it does best.  It was originally developed as a research tool
and not for commercial sales.  I imagine I didn't hear more about it
from those who responded because most people own IBM compatibles and
not macs (alas!).

If anyone is interested in purchasing acCordance within the next month,
please let me know.  Discounts are available for groups of orders.
The basic program, GNT, and two translations costs a hefty $350, but
the discounts available range from 24% off for three orders to 44% off
for 20 orders.  I would like to get a group order together so we can
save some money.

Information about the program is available from:
The Gramcord Institute
2218 NE Brookview Drive
Vancouver, WA 98686
(206) 576-3000

Mary Ann Shillner