Re: Mark's use of EUTHUS

On Thu, 14 Apr 1994 walkman101@aol.com wrote:

> I am currently working on a project thru Mark.  Apparently, he likes the word
> EUTHUS.  I often see this word translated 'Immediately.'  My question:  How
> immediately is 'EUTHUS'?  Is Mark using this as a connective marker or a
> transition marker?  Any refs would be helpful.

You will want to notice that Mark's use of EUTHUS declines considerably after
the first few chapters. Count them, and you will notice.

I am inclined to speculate that the frequent use of EUTHUS in the early
part of Mark indicates a hurried kind of narrative. Can Mark, by his
frequent use of this word, simply be showing how fast things were
moving in this early phase of Christ's ministry? Note how far things have
developed by t he end of the first chapter. And later the narrative takes on
a more leisurely pace.

Try using as your translation "And just like that ..." and you may get a
sense of what the word does. As you seem to notice, it does not seem to
mean what we mean  by "immediately."

Richard F. Wevers
Calvin College