Re: Mark's use of EUTHUS

EUTHUS is indeed a favorite Marcan transitional adverb, but it does also
give expression to his intent, as it were, to fast-forward from one narrative
episode to another, the episodes themselves then, as it were, slowing down and
often playing out before the reader's imagination in the Greek present tense
as a drama to be watched on stage.

The word itself originally means "straight."  Properly speaking it is an
adjective that is frequently used in that nom. masc. sg. form adverbially
(the grammatical usage, I would guess, originally being that the nominative
adjective qualifies a masculine subject predicatively). But one also find
more properly adverbial forms: the neuter sg. EUTHU or the properly adverbial
form EUTHEWS. I think "right away" is about as literal a translation that
can be given. German "gleich" or "sogleich" is very similar both in origin
and usage.

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