dia in Rom 4:25

   Calvin, since I have been working through Romans in Greek lately,
and was puzzled about the use of dia in 4:25, I'd thought I'd just
share what I read on the subject from Cranfield.  He goes into
some detail over the possibilities and basically arugues that
the two occurences of dai in 4:25 do not and need not have the
same meaning.  I forget if he cited any works to supplement his
position.  Cranfield suggests influence from the Hebrew text of Isa. 53:11.
Dunn, alternatively, translates both occurences as "because of", noting that
the rhetorical parallel in the verse requires rendering it the same way,
but suggests that the first dia has a more causal sense and the second
a more final sense, an ambiguity he says is continued by translating
"because of".  It's not a solution but it is food for thought.

Ken Litwak
IBM, San Jose, CA