Re: Back to Greek

I, for one, would be very happy to get back to questions directly addressing
the Greek text of the OT or NT, if those who do so may be permitted to do so
without passing a theological purity test. I would also be happy to confess
that I hold a world-view, a set of presuppositions, and am under no illusion
that I hold the God's truth while "Evangelicals" and "Fundamentalists" reside
mentally in outer or nether darkness. But it seems to me that the long
"append" to this exhortation to get back to Greek is loaded with the same
charge of moral imperialism of which it accuses some of us others. Must
historical truth and scientific truth and religious truth each be of the same
nature because you assert it to be so? Must we adopt your set of presupposi-
tions in order to cope with Biblical Greek texts? Can we deal at all with
Biblical Greek texts without sharing a common theological stance? I earnestly
hope that we can, because I think there are significant questions to be asked
of the Greek text itself; if, however, they can only be addressedby those who
share a single common doctrinal stance regarding the nature of that text, the
prospect does not seem very hopeful. As one Rodney King asked, "uh, uh, can
we get along with each other?"


Carl Conrad