Re: Back to Greek

I am all too happy to second Kenneth Litwak's call to return to Greek.  I 
guess the final irony (!) has to be that his message decrying our 
sidetrips and labeled "Back to Greek" actually contained what may be the 
longest sidetrip message to date!  :-)

But just one final word if I may (short, I promise).  I was not aware 
that I or anyone else was "condemning Fundamentalists" or anyone else.  
The "irony" thread was based on an historical observation that the very 
presuppositions admitted and touted by Fundamentalist writers were often 
those that originated (in the contemporary period, anyway) in the very 
modernist and liberal camps which fundamentalism arose in reaction 
against (horrid grammar I realize, but I never have mastered that 
preposition-at-the-end-of-a-sentence thing).  Whether one is a "Fundie" 
or not, this fact is established by the written record, and does 
constitute, in the best and least polemical sense of the word, irony.

'Nuff said.  Back to Greek!!!!

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
--Groucho Marx

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