Re: Robertson's Greek Grammar

On Fri, 22 Apr 1994, Tina S. Lau wrote:
> I read somewhere several years ago (can't remember where!) that 
> Robertson's grammar was obsolete and had been superseded by 
> Blass-Debrunner.  I have both of them and have read all of Robertson's, 
> but have only referred to Blass-Debrunner.  Any opinions out there?
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I have been out of the loop in NT studies for some years, but I remember 
always finding Blass/DeBrunner much more useful than Robertson for many 
reasons, one of the chief of which was its managability!  I had a 
seminary professor who said that they had no need for Robertson's grammar 
around his house now that his children were grown.  It's chief role had 
been that of a booster seat to help the kids reach the table!  :-)

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