Rom 4:12

Back once more to this vexed passage which Bernard Coulie has remanded to us
with the advice that Sanday & Headlam reject our choice of alternatives. I've
thus far been able to locate only one other commentary on the Greek text and
it's an old one:_The Expositor's Greek Testament_ (James Denney was the
commentator on Romans). The note on the text says:"TOIS STOIKHOYSIN is found
in all the MSS. but cannot be right."  The note in the commentary says, "The
grammar in ver. 12 is faulty, and Westcott and Hort suspect a primitive error.
Either TOIS before STOIKHOUSIN must be omitted, or it must be changed, as Hort
suggests, into AYTOIS, if we are to express the meaning correctly. The sense
required by the context is not open to doubt ..."  This interpretation would
yield the first of my previous versions: "to those not only circumcised but
also walking in the footsteps of our father Abraham's uncircumcised faith."
There is no variant here in the MSS, nor does UBS3 indicate any question
regarding the reading reported in them.

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