David Mullens asked about Greek Tutor in his 30 April message. Is this the
program? (This information is copied from "Software for Theologians"
available from the University of Durham You can get more by sending a message
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NAME: The Greek Tutor
Platform: DOS
Requirements: IBM PC-compatible 286 or better.  EGA video card or 
better.  11 MB free on hard disc.  DOS 3.1 or higher.

Description: The Greek Tutor consists of (a) a 1.5 megabyte dictionary
which contains information sufficient to inflect any word in the New
Testament.  It also has (b) 3 megabytes of text files which contain the
New Testament text and the inflectional identification for each word-form. 
In addition, each word-form in the Fourth Gospel has its morphemic
expansion on file.  These files are made available to the user by (c) a
set of programs which accept the user's commands, act on them, and display
the result.  The student can choose either to ask the program to parse any
word in the selected text or to be asked for the same information.  For
multi-user installations there is also (d) a facility which allows the
user (i.e., the student) to leave comments or questions for the
instructor.  These messages form part of an automatic log of student
activity. Finally, there is (e) a set of utility programs which register
and un-register students, print their log file, and print usage
statistics.  The Greek Tutor is a complete system which allows the 
student to adapt the program to her/his own preferences, including the 
ability to keep a collection of paradigms on which (s)he may be drilled.  
Texts may be printed to files recognised by ScriptureFonts, Nota Bene or 
ChiWriter.  Drill cards can also be created which may be used with 
MemCards (described above).

Price: US$50.00 (plus postage/media costs)

Available from: Prof. John C. Hurd, 49 Wanless Avenue, Toronto, Ont. 
CANADA  M4N 1V5.  Tel: 416-485-2429.  Email: HURD@epas.utoronto.ca

Notes: Recommended package.  The author welcomes individuals and sites to 
test the beta version before Greek Tutor is available for more general