dynamic equivalence and evangelicals

  Mr. Sennett writes regarding dynamic equivalence:

> In my experiences attempting to teach these issues (which have been, 
> primarily, in the church) I have found constant resentment to the idea of 
> dynamic equivalence from those of more conservative theological bents; 
> particularly from those with fundamentalist leanings.  They seem to 
> perceive it as some kind of modernist/neo-orthodox/secular humanist/new 
> age (pick your favorite whipping person) plot to steal "truth" away from 
> the Bible.  The words "literal," "true," and "inerrant" have become 
> inextricably linked together in a hopeless confusion that many will 
> defend to the death, confident that they are following the same path of 
> martyrdom tread by the likes of Polycarp, Servetus, and Brother Biddle 
> (but I wax satirical; forgive me).
This all seems very odd to some of us who come from the particular point of
view here castigated.  As Mr. Sennett himself indicates, evangelicals are
inordinately fond of the Living Bible, and some of us fundies who are
interested in serious study of the Bible shudder more at the Living Bible than
perhaps Mr. Sennett, since it is so blatantly "perspectival" as well as being
demonstrably wrong in many places.  If evangelicals were so opposed to dynamic
equivalence, why has the NIV Bible done so well, and why is the largest
evangelical mission agency, Wycliffe Translators, so committed to dynamic
equivalence in its translation?  Of course there are people out there who think
the King James Version is inspired, but I haven't run into too many of them
lately.  It sounds to me like Mr. Sennett had a bad experience with some
conservative Christians, and now wishes to label us all as stupid
anti-intellectual hate mongers.  

May I suggest we put this conversation back on the high ground.  Remember that
to an evangelical, Jesus has the words of life, and our access to those words
is exclusively the Bible.  When our access is seen (fallaciously or not) to be
hindered, we can get feisty.    

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