New GNT Exhaustive concordance

Charis humin kai eirene:

I was looking through books in print recently and came across
a new book:  Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek New Testament,
by Kohlenberger et al., Zondervan, April 1994.
These are the same guys who did the exhaustive NIV & NRSV.
The price was listed as US$49.95, which I believe
is about 1/20th of the price of Aland's and the ,,Computer-Konkordanz``.
Has anyone seen this new release?

On another thread, I think the GNB is a great first Bible.
It was not until I started to receive systematic Bible teaching
that I began to appreciate the language of the original text
(that is, how it is translated today).  I don't think I would
have understood an NIV before I had been taught the significance
of many of the idioms and phrases it uses.  These days, I might
not agree with many of its simplifications (from a technical point
of view), but it gets the message across clearly.  We should
express our gratitude to God that He has used the GNB (and
translations of it into other languages!) to bring so many
people into His kingdom in so many countries over the years.