Apologies to all on this forum, especially Mr. Sennett.  I woke last night
with the horrible realization that my hasty response to Mr. Sennett
yesterday exhibited the very martyr complex he was decrying, and **I**,
not Mr. Sennett, was the one taking the low road.  

Further, yesterday I said I don't often encounter reactionary literalism
anymore.  And wouldn't you know it, this morning I encountered it.   
Words taste like ashes when you must eat them.

Perhaps I will learn to download my mail and give considered responses
rather than respond off-the-cuff on-line.  Again, apologies. 

I must also express the wish that we could expunge the word "fundamentalist"
from our vocabulary.  It is a word that manifests many of the problems of
"meaning" being discussed in this forum, since it seems to be defined in as
many different ways as there are people who use the word.  Its only real
function thus seems to be pejorative.

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