Romans 3:25-26

I have another Romans 3 question to ask.  As I was working on 3:25, I
was unable to place the phrase *dia tes pisteos* in the sentence diagram.
I was making.  In my UBS 3 it is surrounded by superscript e and the app crit
tells me various translations don't know what to do with the phrase either.
In the textual history, some mss omit the phrase.

In the relative clause that makes up verses 25 and 26 I have
determined 2 purpose clauses (eis endexin and pros ten endexin) and one result
(eis to einai).  But the clause in question *dia tes pisteos* seems "free-
floating."  What does it modify and what is the meaning of dia (certainly
not instrumental or means)?  Any good commentaries I can look at?

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