While others are giving their views on various grammars I thought I
would add my two cents (if it's worth that much).  Although I regularly
use BDF, I regularly find it quite unhelpful.  My general experience is
that I look up a verse in the index, get referred to some subsection
(hypothetical 321(3)) and when I look at that location, if I find the
verse referenced (which I often don't), it is generally part of a long
list of references and occasionally a few Greek words from the passage,
but what it rarely has is actual help on how to understand or
translate the words or verse under discussion.  It's as though you
were supposed to look at the heading of the section and know
intuitively how to translate it, once BDF told you what it was.
That doesn't help me very much.  So I'm sure BDF is full of erudition,
but it needs to be made more practical.

Ken Litwak

IBM, San Jose, CA