Rom 6:19

Rom 6:19 and doula
>   In Rom 6:19, Paul wrote mele doula.  If doula is a plural adjective,
>and means "slavish, subject to", how can we explain translating
>(there's that issue again) the phrase "members as slaves" instead of
>the more literal "slavish members".  I have never seen the latter
>in a translation but I can't explain grammatically how we would reach
>the other rendering.  Thanks.
>Ken Litwak
>IBM, San Jose, CA

Two problems:  first, doula is not an adjective, at least not in BAGD or
Liddel-Scott.  In both of these works, it is listed as a noun.  Secondly,
even if it were an adjective, it would not be in the "attributive" position,
but in the "predicate" position with respect to ta mele.  Hence "slavish members" would be inappropriate, even if doula were an adjective.

Jim Brownson
Western Theological Seminary