Re: Translation versus commentary

I don't see double negatives as a problem for literal translation.
No requirement is involved that words match one-to-one.
Just as one UMIN corresponds to two words TO YOU,
Two words OU MH or OU ... OU can correspond to one NOT.
As I said, it's not just a transcribed interlinear.

[Broman's four-square wooden bible] |  [NIV]
John 3: 3

Jesus answered and said to him,     |  In reply Jesus declared,  
"Amen, amen I say to you,           |  "I tell you the truth,
if someone is not born from above,  |  no one can see the kingdom of God,
he will not be able to see          |  unless he is born again.
the kingdom of God."

By comparing the columns, one can see that Jesus had a strange, archaic way
of saying "I tell you the truth", and one could also guess that there is a
question whether "from above" might mean "by heavenly means" or might be a
dead metaphor for "again".  Both the ambiguity and the interpretation
process are illustrated.

I have no interest in a commercial venture -- there are plenty of Bibles
for sale already -- but I haven't seen this kind of approach ever tried.

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