Re: ta melE humOn doula in Rom 6:19

On Thu, 05 May 1994 14:07:09 EDT you said:
>On May 4-5, RWevers, CConrad, and JBrownson responded to a query by KLitwak on
>doula in Rom 6:19.  I would add that melE...doula seems to be a "double
>accusative" direct object in which doula complements melE and specifies the
>manner of the "presenting" described in the verse.

I think you are describing what we mean when we say that the adjective is
predicative here, namely, that it indicates adverbially what the verb does
to the accusative noun (not stated in the best way possible).

However the term "double accusative" is misleading here, as that is normally
used for the situation where a verb takes two objects, one of them perhaps
a pronoun which we might expect to be an indirect object or expressed with a
dative, but Greek often uses two accusatives, as John 14:26 "ekeinos humas
didaxei panta"--"he will teach you everything." Here "humas" and "panta" are
both accusative objects, although we might in English think of "you" more
as an indirect object.

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