Re: dynamic equivalence and evangelicals

When I became a Christian, I bought an NIV because it was THE translation 
to have amongst the people with whom I fellowshipped. After a couple of 
years I dropped the NIV in favour of the NASB because, while the NIV 
translates nicely on the phrase or clause level, it is quite inadequate 
on the word level. The number of pastors I have heard focus on the usage 
of a particular word in the NIV concerns me. There must be huge numbers 
of unfortunate people out there trying to do word studies from the NIV!

Recently I have come to change my mind about the GNB/TEV and like it 
quite a lot. At the sentence level, it's very well done IHMO. If I want 
to read an entire book in one sitting, I'll read the GNB/TEV and then 
look at passages of interest in the NASB.

Recently I've come to detest two translations (for very different 
reasons). One is the Living Bible (which has already been made mention 
of). The other is the Amplified Bible which I find awful. How do others 
feel about this latter translation? What about NIV word studies? Comments...

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