Re: Now we have "Complete Equivalence"?

On Tue, 10 May 1994, Kenneth Hammonds wrote:

> The NKJV says it is based on the translation principle of 
> "Complete Equivalence" (CE). It is defined in the Preface of the NKJV as 
> seeking "to preserve ALL (emphasis theirs) of the information in the 
> text, while presenting it in good literary form".

Given that a definition will distinguish a concept from similar but 
non-equivalent concepts, the above quotation does not provide a 
definition of "Complete Equivalence."  *Any* translation theory worth its 
salt will attempt to achieve that goal! (At least with an acceptably wide 
interpretaiton of "good literary form"!  :)  )  I have long deplored the 
NKJV because I perceived it to be almost purely a market ploy with little 
or no substantive contribution to the cause of Bible translation.  This 
attempt to create a so-called "Complete Equivalence" theory that somehow 
competes with what is available is just one more example of why I have 
such misgivings.  The concept is contentless and bogus -- it offers no 
real alternative to the prevailing translation theories, but it makes you 
feel good about its presence.  "Symbol over Substance," to quote the Rush 

> 	Also as far as "good" translations and "bad" translations are 
> concerned, I think that the LXX might qualify as a "bad" translation, but 
> yet it was used by Jesus (I think) and the apostles and the early church. 
> So it seems that God placed his approval on a "bad" translation.

Interesting point!  I have often maintained (much to the chagrin of many 
who hear me!) that the HS may well have used a *mistranslation* in the 
LXX to establish a NT doctrine with profound implications.  I speak of 
the translation of "ALMAH" in Isa. 7:14 with "parthenos," which, it seems 
to me, is best explained by a lack of knowledge on the part of the 
translators either of the common meaning of "ALMAH" or the common meaning 
of "parthenos"!

Woops.  I think I did it again.  Guess I'll sit back and watch the thread 
develop on this one ... .

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