Translation anxiety

The Greek NT is itself dependent on translation of the
scriptures (LXX), & it presents Jesus's words on several
occasions (eg, Mk 7:34, 15:34) as "translated." Anyone who
accepts the NT as "scripture" must accept in advance the
possibility of reliable translation. Hence Christians are subject
to a sort of translation anxiety and need to be reassured that
translations are "good" ones. (A similar anxiety appears in
Jewish legends about the LXX.)
I would expect any translation that tried to oblige a wide
variety of scholarly views (or theological positions) to be bland
and uninteresting. More interesting I think would be free
proliferation of translations, many Bibles, each one quirky,
controversial, and incompatible with others. But that wouldn't do
much to ease translation anxiety.
George Aichele
(Adrian College)