Re: A few more Words

Keith Massey writes:

> Is this all a word study, the likes of which I have spoken against? I don't
> think so (and I hope not). What I sought out to do was elucidate an utterance,
> to use Bob's terminology. In fact, what makes this different from a word study
> as I have spoken against them, is that I do not believe every instance of
> "remembrance" can tell us about very other. I assert that only a contextually
> proper case will elucidate the passage in question. In its first context,
> actually, (the Early Church) the passage wasn't even ambiguous. Origen himself
> makes reference to the Leviticus passage in this light in a Homily on the Book.
> But ambiguation seems to have come with time. I hope this helps.

>From Keith Massey's statement here in the last paragraph of his
message I conclude that the most ambiguous term we've been discussing
is "word study".  While the kind of naive "word study" that Douglas
DeLacey, Bob and Keith Massey (*and* Kenneth Litwak) have decried
deserves abundant criticism, the kind of work that Keith Massey
describes in his post is exactly the kind of "word study" that I have
been carefully taught to do.  

Perhaps "word study" is the term that we need to disambiguate; it
seems to carry more than a single meaning for members of this list.

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