Ladies and Gentlemen,
As a result of a reference I made in a recent posting to a Greek Reading group
that I am a part of, which follows the Lectionary Readings for the upcoming
Sunday, I have gotten inquiries into whether such a group could be run through
this or another internet forum. It seems to me that this listserve would be a
good place for it. What I propose is that a day of the week be agreed upon by
which those interested parties could have read the lessons and on which, then,
questions of all sorts pertinent to the texts could be discussed by the
subscribers. Of course, other issues could be posted and discussed as usual. I
have found such a group to be an invaluable means by which to regularly study
Greek in a disciplined fashion. For those who follow the Lectionary for Services
(generally the Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Catholics
(I'm sure there are more)) it has the added bonus of preparing them for the
upcoming Sunday.
To make a start, I will propose that Wednesday of this week can be the day on
which those interested can read and discuss May 22nd's texts:
Acts 2:1-11 (this first reading is normally OT, but this season has been
focussing on Acts)
1Cor 12:3-7, 12-13
John 20:19-23
Please, if anyone has any questions or comments on this undertaking, contact me
via this forum or direct at NAPH@macc.wisc.edu. The times are negotiable. I am
also sensitive to the possibility that some may think this is an inappropriate
forum for this project. If that is the case, we'd need to discuss options.
Keith Massey