Ladies and Gentlemen,
Having heard from many of you about the lectionary study group, I hereby
announce it as an active project for tomorrow, the lessons, again, being:
Acts 2:1-11
1 Cor 12:3-7, 12-13
John 20:19-23
In response to a few caveats which I received, I would like to clarify the
undertaking with the following guidelines:
1) This is an academic study of the texts--It is not devotional. (If anyone
knows the devotional listserves perhaps they should post the addresses so those
interested in that can find them)
2) As always, we must be civil and scholarly when responding to inevitable
disagreements in interpretation (some were very concerned about repeating this)
3) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: All those participating MUST code their discussions
under subject with "Lectionary" This will enable those not interested in
participating to delete the files without having to read them.
Again, thanks to all who sent me their input on the project.
Keith Massey