Headtech (do you have a name?),
authenteo means to "have authority over," "dominate", etc. (the precise
English translation is less important than its use here). The Genitive is the
thing over which (or not in this case) authority is wielded. What does "Paul"
(let the reader understand) mean here. He says quite a bit about women here.
1) They should dress modestly
2) They should learn in silence
3) They should not teach men or have authority over men
4) They should be quiet
I think it is clear that by authenteo, the author of 1st Tim does not think that
women should have "positions" in religious education or leadership. I don't
think we do anyone any service by pretending (whether outright or after claiming
to have looked at "the original") that it is otherwise. The issue for me is not
what is Paul saying (which is clear), but rather, should we run our Churches
according to what Paul is saying. If one thinks we should or have to run our
Churches according to what paul is saying, the implications are clear. That's
not where I'm at, but that is my assessment of where the author of 1st Tim is
Keith Massey