Re: authenteo

I strongly urge anyone interested in 1 Tim. 2:12 and in "authenteo" in 
particular to read the 1992 book, I SUFFER NOT A WOMAN, by R. Kroeger and 
C. Kroeger, available through Baker Book House, I believe.  Catherine was 
keen on "authenteo" 15 years ago as a fellow graduate student with me in 
classics and ancient religious studies.  Bottom line:  the dictionaries 
ought not be too glibly trusted on this one!

The Kroegers argue that much of the Pastorals' effort is anti-Gnostic, and 
that "authentein andros" most likely implies "to claim priority over man" 
with reference to the common Gnostic reversals of the creation story, 
whereby they insisted that the serpent and Eve represented a higher god 
above the creator.

The book is directed at clergy and intelligent laymen, but also is 
beneficial as a quick review of Asia Minor religion and of Gnosticism for 
scholars with little background.

--David N. Wigtil.  Technical Assessment.  U. S. Department of Energy.
Sophronos d' apistias
ouk estin ouden khresimoteron brotois.  (Euripides, "Helen" 1617-1618)
(There's nothing more helpful for mortals than sensible disbelief.)
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