Re: More on Kroegers' "evidence"

Thanks to Dan McCartney for his kind posting, clarifying his and Baugh's 
response to the Kroeger & Kroeger book.  This is just what the doctor 
ordered for an old classicist now sidelined to doing slave-to-computer 
work...clarity, ad_argumentum discussion, and a considerate treatment of 
the anonymous person at the other end!  Eu eirekas/Bene locutus es!

I should note that in pleading their case the Kroegers do examine the 
external evidence both on "authenteo" and on the cognate noun "authentes".  
I hope I do not misrepresent their position by saying that "claiming 
priority over" is a meaning they assign to an opposition to religious 
(Gnostic) positions that posit a feminine power superior to men, since the 
"lesser" deity of Genesis 1 & 2 that created the world and man and woman 
was subordinate to the higher powers, which included an eternal "Eve".

Whatever the correctness of their argumentation about 1 Tim. 2, no doubt 
the exposure of the general "lay" audience to the currents of first-century 
Gnosticism will be of some benefit from this book.  Let us hope that this 
audience doesn't cease being interested in first-century religions after 
just one book!

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