Re: why GUNH and not GUNAIC?

On Thu, 9 Jun 1994 23:55:40 +0800 (WST) you said:
>Why is the nom sing GUNH and not GUNAIC (C=ksi) as suggested by the stem
>GUNAIK in other forms?

Do you mean the dative plural? I think the question is why it isn't GUNAI, like
the vocative. The stem is GUNAIK and the nom. sg. could theoretically be
GUNAIKS (GUNAIX). In the vocative the K is lost because the only consonants
to survive intact at the end of a Greek word are S, R, and N. There are two
very common ways for 3rd-decl nouns to form their nominative: (1) by adding
-S, (2) by lengthening the stem-vowel. I don't think we have a case of that
second here but rather a nominative from an alternate form of the noun that is
found in the Comic poets: 1 decl. nom. GUNH, gen. GUNHS, etc. One finds some
nouns have alternative forms, different ones being more common in different
dialects, e.g. Paul's 3rd decl HYIEUS  also found in Attic, but far less
common than the 2nd decl HYIOS.

>Also, I heard talk a couple of months ago about making an out of
>copyright edition of LS available in electronic form. Does anybody know
>about this? Are there any moves to make some out of copyright editions of
>Greek grammars available at e-texts?

I'm not sure you heard correctly on this. There was discussion on the Classics
discussion list of publishing more OP e-texts of classical authors, but the
only discussion I recall of Liddell-Scott was the proposal of Gregory Crane
to prepare and license an online version of LSJ. I don't have the rfc handy
but if you're interested I can hunt it down in older BMCR files, as that
notice was published there.

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