Looking For Newly Discovered MS of John

I have a question about a new manuscript of the Gospel of John (or perhaps all
four gospels) This is all the information I have. Supposedly the text had faded
and so a scribe wrote another text over the top of it. It dates right around
100 A.D. (give or take a few years) and is very important for the study of John
because it makes a date prior to 100 A.D. mandatory. I do not know when this
find was made, but I have consulted a number of books in our library from 1991
and 1992 as well as searching periodical indexes on manuscripts of John, but so
far have turned up nothing. Do any of you know anything about this? I am a
librarian at Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN. Please direct any further
inquiries or answers to:
James Lanning

many thanks in advance